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I love you.

Taylor Swift to every fan ever. Those who’ve spent a few minutes on her and those who’ve spent hours. Those who meet her and those you don’t. Those who’ve seen her live and those who haven’t. Those who have every piece of merchandise and those who have none. Those who live in America and those who live in another beautiful country somewhere. Those who’s pictures and posts and selfies she’s liked/read/reblogged or replied to and those who are still waiting to be noticed. Those she follows and those she doesn’t.

Taylor can’t individually show her love to every one of us because there are so so so many of us (which is amazing and wonderful), but she loves and appreciates us all and she shows it in so many little ways as well as grand gestures.

R e m e m b e r t h i s.

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Anonymous asked:

Death death death. My mind wants me to do it tonight.


Please don’t to anything. I know I don’t know you but I still love you and I want you to stay and keep fighting through this and you’ll get there. It always gets better, every time. It will get better I promise you. It won’t just get better just like that, it will take time and it will take effort to achieve that. So please keep fighting. I beg of you please don’t take your life. You’ll miss out on all the good things that will come your way. Please please stay.

To you.

You knew. You knew exactly how much you leaving would hurt me. I’d told you so many times that I couldn’t do it without you. You had to understand that when you left I’d be better off dead. And that I would’ve never intentionally done anything to push you away because you were basically all I had. Did you think of that? Or did you just not care. Because I just really don’t understand why you couldn’t have said “hey, you’ve been making me feel bad latley” I would’ve changed and done whatever to make you not feel that way. And I just don’t understand how you could hurt me so bad and just walk away like nothing happened.

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